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12/7/2013: Subject: Sampson

Thank you for the email. Sampson has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is so good with our daughter and other pets. I am so glad that we made the trip to get him. He has completed the rest of his shots. We love him very much. 

12/3/2013: Subject: Gage

We have changed Gage’s name to “Lucky” if you would like to change that on your records.  He is doing fine and is a full fledged member of the family.  We finished all his shots with our vet. 

Thank you for such a precious dog.

10/7/2013:  Subject: Pebbles

Thank you for taking the time to email us. She is doing great. My daughter and I added a little to her name so she is Princess Lucy Midnight Puff. LOL We usually just call her Lucy or Lucy Midnight  sometimes we throw the Puff in also. Just to let you know she did get a little car sick on the way home but I expected that and was prepared for the cleanup and a little something to drink that would ease her tummy. She is getting better on our little trips and we are making them a little longer and various places with little stops so she can have a potty break. That usually prevents the purging of food. She seems so happy and has been know to go from bed to bed in the middle of the night to sleep with everyone. LOL If I wake up in the middle of the night I always make a point to take her out even if she doesn’t ask. She has had no accidents as we started just as if she had never been house broken and she will let us know now if she needs to go at a different than normal time. I have her scheduled for a visit to the vet so he can go over her paper work and do any follow ups so we can get her a file established. I don’t know what she could do before but she seems to be extremely quick to pick up behaviors. She sits, stays, fetches, finds her ball on command, gets in the chair on command. She is definitely an attention hog although she will stand beside our cat and wait her turn to be petted and belly rubbed. We have Chickens and ducks and after one walk out in he back yard she knows they belong and leaves them be. She has announced when strangers are near, as well as any other wild animals that may show up at night to try to raid the garbage can. She has shown no aggression towards anything but lets you know something is near. She loves to lay in our laps and sometimes by us on the floor. She is a breeze to give a bath. I had noticed that the paperwork said she had to be given up because the previous owner could not care for her. I called the shelter the other day and talked with a lady and asked her if she would please let Puffs former home know how happy and loved she is. She rides with me to take my daughter to school and to pick her up. Well if the truth be known I think she is becoming quite the little celebrity. Thanks again  for allowing us to adopt her all I can say is she is perfect one of the best little dogs I’ve ever seen.

10/3/2013:  Subject :Pyper

Thanks for checking in on Piper (we’ve changed the spelling of her name).  She is thriving!  She gets two walks a day up the beautiful St. Charles Ave. and she goes to Audoubon Park once a week.  As soon as she if finished with her vaccinations I am enrolling her at a dog park where she will be able to interact in a safe environment with all sorts of dogs freely.

6/1/2012: Subject: Zoey

Thank you for letting me see her today. I forget how many improvements have been made at the shelter. Somehow I have this old film in my mind of the dogs crowded, everything kind of smelly. But, now things are so different and Zoey seemed like she was having a ball in that play area. I’m happy I got to see that. Thanks again! Sheila

5/3/2012: Mia is doing FANTASTIC!!!

First off, we changed her name to Flash (because in a flash her big tongue will come out of nowhere and lick your face!). Both of my daughters fell in love with her (and her with them!) right away!!  She  also has a new dog friend (our dog Taffy, another shelter rescue) and 2 cat friends (Eli and Quinn) to play with. She wants to play with all the animals, but so far Taffy is the only one who wants to play with her. The cats come near her and smell her, but then she gets excited and quickly puts her face in theirs and/or barks and they run away! It is amusing to watch!! There has been no hissing nor any meanness of any kind from ANY of the animals! She has been a great addition to our family!! She loves playing Fetch and Tug, and she loves going for walks!! She listens very well and does her best to please us. She has not soiled the house or chewed anything up. We do crate her when we are gone. She is so smart that after the first dinner, when we told her to stay out of the kitchen…..We do not allow our dogs in the kitchen when we are eating, but  we do allow our dogs to watch us from the rug ….(it is a big open area between kitchen and great room)…she only needed to be brought out twice (by me) and told to lay down and stay. The third time she stood up and I just said, “No..go lay down”…and she did!  The next morning at breakfast she didn’t even try to come in to the kitchen  and she has NEVER tried again!! SMART DOG!!! She learns quick!!!
She brings us so much love! In fact, since we adore her sooo much, we have decided to give go ahead with the rest of the heartworm treatment (not just the preventative) that our vet has recommended. I really trust my vet.I couldn’t bear the thought of her collapsing and dying from the heartworms, knowing that we did NOT do all that we could for her! I am not sure who is the luckier one in this adoption…Flash…or us!! WE ARE THRILLED THAT WE CHOSE HER TO JOIN OUR FAMILY!!!!

2/12/2012: About the adoption of Vortex: 

hello. he is doing great! !! we are bringing him in for his final shots this week. see y’all then!
we also plan to get our next dog from there as well. y’all are great.

. 1700 Palestine Road, Picayune, Mississippi 39466
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