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08 Aug Jezzabelle

Jezzabelle can best be described as a mess.  As an employee at a local veterinary clinic, I constantly see sad cases and pets who survive less than sweet Jezzabelle.  One night she came in after hours with a punctured eyeball and (literally) broken face.    I was given my beautiful girl and I couldn’t be happier.  It was a long recovery resulting in having an eye removed, extensive damage to her sinuses, and even having to have a few teeth removed (her skull was literally broken).  After several days of ICU care I was able to bring my girl home to several weeks of solitary care (my bathroom was nekkid cat paradise).  She had a heating pad and soft food until her sutures were removed and she was introduced to the other animals.  I couldn’t fault her for being weary or even aggressive towards them, especially considering what happened to her, but Jezzabelle welcomed her new family with grace and love.  Her crooked smile and forever wink inspire me every day.

Jezzabelle loves to sing to us the song of her people!  She is a precious one-eyed “nekkid cat” who wants nothing more in life than to be held and loved.  Whenever I can’t find her, I simply start looking under blankets (which are strategically placed throughout the house for her enjoyment).  Despite looking like a one-eyed alien, Jezzabelle has come a long way in the fashion world.  She wears dresses and sweaters on the regular and looks absolutely fabulous in them (her favorite brand is “Diva Dawgs and Friends”).  Her tail curls underneath her like an upside down spiral, which is one of many endearing traits of my girl.  Occasionally she has sneezing fits and likes to make sure she is right next to you (lest you miss out on her mucus).  She has overcome more than any animal I have ever known and has come out the other end as an inspiration and truly beautiful cat.

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