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Shannon was a real foodie and enjoyed every meal immensely.  She knew exactly what the words dinner and treats meant.  She was a party girl who loved to be in the middle of it all sitting on anyone’s lap that would have her. She loved to lay on her back with all four legs straight up in the air.

It was with profound sadness that we buried Shannon after a lengthy illness.  We went out for breakfast in 2008 and came home with a cat.  She was on the side of the highway and in such bad shape that we didn’t think she would make it.  Shannon brought love, happiness and gentleness into our lives.  She lived only wanting love but in return she granted us unconditional devotion.  She always was happy and never felt sorry for her fate as she magically knew she was with those who loved her. Shannon will forever be in our hearts.

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In order to save more lives, we are requesting that you schedule an appointment to surrender any animal. This allows us to plan our space better, which means saving lives!

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Cats looking for Homes
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