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Winner: February Calendar Pet

02 Feb Meow

Hi my name is Meow. You can probably guess, it’s because I like to talk a lot. As you can see from the photo, I love to jump into open drawers. Since I am so tiny, sometimes I accidentally get shut up in there. But I never worry as my family loves me so much I don’t stay in there very long before they come looking for me. Some people say I am a sophisticated cat as I can strike a regal pose.

I was born on the streets of New Orleans and relocated to Picayune after Katrina and a 6 month stay in a dorm room at Rice University in Houston with a Rottweiler. Since moving to Picayune, I have a new cat sister and brother. As I’m much older, I teach them many things and keep them in line. I guess you could call me the Grand Dame of the house.

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Cats looking for Homes
Dogs looking for Homes