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Winner: September Calendar Pet

09 Sep Sadie Bug

She loves to pout like a human, her own barks scare her. Panics when she gets up the hiccups. She is the best cuddle partner I’ve ever had. She sleeps like a human, head on her own pillow and everything.

We adopted Sadie two years ago from the shelter when she was 9 weeks old. She has been glued to my side ever since. She is a bull mastiff mix but thinks she’s a tiny little lap dog. She is incredibly smart and loves to give hugs and high fives. She has a sister who is a basset hound and the two are inseparable.

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In order to save more lives, we are requesting that you schedule an appointment to surrender any animal. This allows us to plan our space better, which means saving lives!

Please call ahead and make sure we have room for your pet.

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Cats looking for Homes
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