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Winner: June Calendar Pet

06 Jun Skeeter

Skeeter is a rescue cat. She lives in our home with many foster dogs and her own doggie brothers and sisters and gets along fine with all of them. We have fostered kittens from time to time and Skeeter stays as far away from them as she can.
We truly believe she thinks she is a dog.

Skeeter gets the biggest kick out of jumping high off the ground trying to catch the geckos that are outside of our window at night. She will stay there for hours amusing us.
She would rather drink her water from our bath faucet than from her water bowl. We have to keep the bathroom door closed or she will go in the bathroom and turn the faucet on by herself to get a drink. We are still working on her turning the faucet off when she is finished.
The thing we love most about Skeeter is that she loves to snuggle…and she’s the best “snuggler” ever!!!

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In order to save more lives, we are requesting that you schedule an appointment to surrender any animal. This allows us to plan our space better, which means saving lives!

Please call ahead and make sure we have room for your pet.

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