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Spay and Neuter Info | PRCSPCA
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Spay and Neuter Info

Thank you for your interest in spaying or neutering your pet

  1. A spayed pet is healthier. They are less likely to develop mammary tumors. and won’t develop cancer or other problems of the reproductive organs.
  2. A spayed pet is a happier pet. A spayed female is a more relaxed and peaceful pet. Spaying nullifies a pet’s desire to roam in search of a mate. It also eliminates the frantic pacing and crying of a cat in heat.
  3. A spayed pet reduces the tragic problem of pet overpopulation.
  4. Neutering reduces aggression toward other animals and decreases the likelihood of fight related injuries. Neutering lessens other behavior problems, like fence jumping, which are brought on by the drive to find a mate.
  5. Neutering greatly increases longevity. Altered males are less likely to get hit by cars during quests for females. In addition, they won’t develop prostate problems and testicular tumors later in life.
  6. Neutering decreases embarrassing behavior traits like leg-mounting, and it helps prevent tomcats from spraying their homes with foul smelling urine. When you neuter a cat, you are spared the ear splitting yowls for the benefit of potential mates.


  1. Altering your pet will NOT make him fat and lazy. Only overeating and lack of exercise will do that.
    Altering your pet will NOT change his personality.
  2. Cats and dogs should be spayed/neutered at about six months of age before the first heat cycle.
  3. Cats can have three litters a year and they stay in heat until they are pregnant.
  4. An unspayed female cat, her mate, and all of her offspring producing 2 litters a year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can total over 11 MILLION in only 9 years.
  5. There will never be enough homes. There are 7 puppies and kittens born for every 1 person, 2,500 to 3,000 puppies and kittens are born each hour in the United States. Only 1 in 10 will find a home.

PLEASE be a responsible pet owner and spay/neuter your pet. If you can not afford the full cost of surgery, we will help. Click to see current programs.



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