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zMr. Cinder

 Mr. Cinder

On April 7th 2012, I was found in a ditch tied to a cinder block with every bone in my body protruding out of my skin. My early years have consisted of your worst nightmare imaginable. I have gone without food, water, shelter, and love for as long as I can remember. My owner only wanted me for my stereotypical self and nothing more.




After I was found, I was brought to the Pearl River County Animal Shelter and this, folks, is where my real life begins!


I was greeted with open arms by the most caring people from the shelter and I was finally given a taste as to what it is like to be man’s best friend. There was food, water, and love all around me! I finally had a warm cozy place to rest my head every night! I even became really good friends with Jessica at PetSmart ‐ she is my trainer and, boy, does she have the tastiest treats ever! I didn’t think life could get any better… but I was mistaken.



 On July 28th, I found a home!


I was at Petsmart, minding my own business, when two furry friends came up to greet me. They were with their parent’s and requested an audience with me. We all hung out in the training area for about an hour sniffing each other – it was great! Later that day I hopped in a car filled with treats – they say never get in a car with a stranger even with candy, but I couldn’t resist! I munched and crunched all the way to my new home without knowing it. As I nestled into my new doggie bed, I was pleasantly surprised to see my two new furry friends coming through the front door!




Now, I have very loving family, all the food and water I could ever imagine, a doggie house all to my own, and acres of land to go tromping in with my new family!


My next step in the next day or so is getting acquainted with what I presume are smaller dogs with no tails. They call them cats, Nubz and Kindel – I don’t know about you, but they smell funny.




Mr. Cinder


. 1700 Palestine Road, Picayune, Mississippi 39466
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