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Volunteer Teams

Volunteer Teams


Creativity Team:

A good fit for this team will have skills in graphic design by trade or hobby. Someone who enjoys creating flyers, ads, inserts and other promotional documents working from their computer using info from the shelter.

Distribution Team:

This team helps with bringing the flyers created to pizza shops for delivery boxes, local stores, gyms etc. They help post promotional and event flyers throughout the community.

Community Out Reach:

A team member here will need to be a people person. This team will look for opportunities in the community to post flyers (pizza delivery boxes, local stores, libraries, etc.). Talk with business owners to help support our programs and stage events at their location. Volunteer recruiting will also be on the agenda of this team working festivals, contacting high schools etc.

Social Media/Internet Team:

Promote the shelter and help adoptions through Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and other sites/apps. Help maintain and grow the shelter’s website and Facebook presence. Set up an email newsletter blast.

In House Team:

This team will do its work in the shelter. The first step will be to establish a “to-do” list that has more detailed descriptions for potential volunteers of this team. Organize shed and garage, paint, wash dogs, socialize and train animals, act as a greeter, help with adoptions, etc.

Event Team:

Help plan and work different fundraisers and adoption events like PetSmart, festivals, fairs and other community activities.

Media Team:

This team is for those who are talented with photography to help take pictures of our dogs and cats up for adoption to post online.  They will also help with videoing our Canine Behavior Assessments, a requirement for our partnership with PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program.

Transport Team:

Help transport animals to and from shelter for various reasons.

Aluminun can/Donation pick up

This team is for those that can drive around Picayune and pick up aluminum cans from retailers and service our doggie banks.

Grant writing/research

This team is for those that are good at searching the internet to find grant opportunities and who can write grants.

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