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Away From Shelter


  • Help raise awareness of the shelter and specials/events – make arrangements with potential participants, design promos, get printed, get to “distributor.”
    • Develop program for inserts in gas, electric,  water, telephone bills
    • Develop program for  flyers on take home boxes from restaurants or on pizza boxes Shelter adoptions and s/n promos
    • Develop program for  table tents in restaurants for adoptable animals
    • Develop programs for other alternative advertising
      • Certified pre-owned cats (or dogs) added to auto dealers newspaper ads
      • “Big Dogs for Big Guys” at gyms
      • Etc.
  • Poster makers for events and specials to post around town
  • Set up an email list for mail merge to donors, adopters, and volunteers to send:
    • News letter with PayPal button to help raise awareness of the shelter and fundraising.
    • “Special” information from time to time – special event, rabies clinic, off-site adoption events
  • Research and find grant opportunities – write grants for things we need
  • Be an event planner to make events for fundraising or adoption possible
  • Organize an aluminum can pick-up from local businesses (restaurants, real estate offices, etc)
  • Recruit high school students to Facebook and Twitter about us
  • Be  Santa for PetSmart photos or be a Photographer for same
  • Write and distribute newsletter with help and direction from our Secretary
  • Work with a store or company that calls with a fundraising idea
  • Recruit High School students to volunteer at the shelter.
  • Help with the Spay Neuter programs
    • 2 recovery people (Part-time or Full-Time) for the s/n clinic (twice monthly)
    • 1-2 person(s) to help with Scanning/Microchip processing for s/n clinic and transports
    • 2-3 volunteers for the Poplarville transport (tagging, microchip support and processing animals)
    • Help trap and transfer feral cats from Poplarville to various clinics/offices (if we get the grant and mileage will be paid)
    • Help techs get animals into the operating room.  Vet pays for this service, need to be strong and agile.
  • Community outreach – finding ways to get us recognized in the county
  • Process adoption pictures for our Facebook page and board in office
  • Think of items of interest to get in the newspaper and get them there
  • Come up with things for us to post to our Facebook page
  • Make dogs toys (plastic bottle, rocks, and socks)
  • Cut fleece and make toys – we have the fleece
. 1700 Palestine Road, Picayune, Mississippi 39466
Cats looking for Homes
Dogs looking for Homes