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Gus has been with us since he was 4 months old, coming to us in late October of last year.  He has always been a super sweet young man.  He has been with us so long because he first came down with a mild case of Demodex which we treated and it has not returned.  He had a few trips to PetSmart and then developed an abscess.  He now goes to PetSmart with the team almost every weekend.

He is great with people and dogs.  Loves to run and play, very high energy but gentle.  Arden Moore, behaviorist, visited us March 17, 2016 and was super impressed when he came to kennel front, turned sideways, sat and leaned in for pats.

Here he is helping one of our friend’s dogs get more comfortable outside their home and with other dogs.  We use him quite often in our “Dog meets Dog” assessment step.



He absolutely adores being around people and will turn himself inside out to get rubs and pats and to get someone to play with him.  He can also entertain himself (and us at the same time as shown below.


Gus2 Gus1 Gus



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