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zOur Special Moments January 2014

January 2014



In November, when the temperatures were dropping below freezing, a Good Samaritan called the President of the SPCA stating that a small white dog was sitting on the side of the road and had been there for a few days. After getting the location of the dog, a couple of volunteers went out to see what the situation was. It seemed that she was dropped off there and was waiting for her owner to return. The volunteers began trying to catch the dog. They were feeding her and giving her water in the hopes that she could be caught before the freezing weather hit. It took the volunteers almost two weeks to finally catch the little Maltese mix.  She was severely matted and had been totally neglected.  A volunteer that grooms the shelter dogs came in on her day off and shaved her. Even though she was very fearful, she never once tried to bite. She was so severely matted that no one knew her leg was broken until after she was shaved. So off to the vet she went. She has had surgery and had pins put in her leg. She is now recovering in the safety of a foster home while anxiously awaiting her forever home. Her name is Sierra, she is 3 years old and she will be up for adoption when the pins come out.


Jake is a beautiful three year old purebred German Shepherd. He was an owner surrender. He had been passed around to several owners because they could not train him. Jake is very sweet and loves to be petted. Jake was posted on a free website that helps find homes for dogs all over the country. The name of the website is A wonderful man in Washougal, WA emailed the shelter about Jake. After several emails and much discussion, Jake was adopted! He flew out of New Orleans all the way to Washington State to be with his new forever family! His new family loves him very much and we are so happy for Jake! 


Belle is a purebred English Bulldog that came to the shelter through no fault of her own. She is a senior and almost completely blind. She was so scared and confused. The rescue coordinator contacted an English Bulldog rescue immediately. Belle was in the shelter for less than 48 hours before she was on her way to being adopted. The rescue is located in Knoxville, TN and had arranged transport for 3 days away. While Belle was being spayed, the rescue found an adopter in Lafayette, LA.  Everyone was so excited that Belle didn’t have to wait for her forever home. Her new mom drove right over and picked her up and she went home!


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