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April 14, 2022 @ 12pm CST – April 21, 2022 @ 12pm CST



Welcome to our 1st Rescue Raffle!

We’d like to introduce you to these sweet pups, seized by our County ACO and recently released by the Judge to find the loving homes they all deserve.  These beautiful dogs have spent their lives paired in kennels producing puppies for sale.  We’ve made them a promise they will only know love and the life a dog should live from here forward.


SO WHAT ARE YOU ENTERING TO WIN WHEN YOU PURCHASE RESCUE RAFFLE TICKETS? Please note, we are NOT raffling off dogs, rather we are raffling off the adoption appointments to meet them. 

This means the individuals who win the raffle will be first in line – in order their names are drawn – to meet these dogs and decide whether or not one of these pups will be a good fit for their family.  This will be the ONLY way these dogs will be available for adoption. (Regular adoption policies, fees, and procedures will all still apply)

Highly desirable animals like these often result in hundreds of phone calls, messages, and emails to our shelter that we unfortunately do not have the manpower to accommodate. This raffle will be the only way these dogs will be available to be seen for adoption.

Rescue Raffle is a fundraising event that benefits all of our residents at the shelter–from longtimers like Grace to kitties like Firefox who need additional testing/treatments–helping them get the care they need so they can find the loving homes they deserve.

It costs Pearl River County SPCA significantly more per pet to get them ready for adoption than our adoption fees cover. From providing medical care, spay/neuter surgery, food, shelter, love, and so much more–our average adoption fees are much lower than the investment we put into our pets to help them find health, happiness, and loving homes of their very own. This raffle and these dogs’ adoption fees help us continue our mission to help pets in need and help us continue to give every pet in our care their best chance at a new beginning.


  1. Donate for raffle tickets: click “Get Entries” (no limit) Get your ticket here.
  2. Raffle tickets entries will put you in the running for the chance to meet and potentially adopt one of these amazing dogs!
  3. Winners will be selected by an independent, 3rd party and announced live on Facebook on Thursday, April 21st at 2pm. Please watch to see if you’ve won an adoption appointment!
  4. Winners will be notified and Meet ‘n Greet Appointment will begin Friday, April 22nd.
  5. Come at your appointed time to meet the dogs and choose the dog that best fits your lifestyle. Winners who cannot arrive at the appointed time will go to the back of the line.
  6. Pay the adoption fee and take home your new pal! (adoption interviews will be conducted)

***Read on for eligibility requirements and raffle rules***


  1. Donate $10 to receive ONE (1) RAFFLE TICKET, or donate $50 to receive six (6) tickets.
    1. Only one ticket donation is required to be entered in the raffle.
    2. One (1) raffle ticket = One (1) chance to win an adoption appointment
    3. Raffle tickets afford you a chance to be selected for one of the adoption appointment slots for the basket in which your ticket was placed.
    4. There is no limit on the amount of tickets you may purchase, and tickets may be purchased via this link: Rescue Raffle Tickets You are only eligible to be a winner one time. Regardless of the number of raffle tickets you’ve donated for, you may not win more than one appointment time slot. Winning participants may only adopt a maximum of one (1) dog.
    5. Raffle tickets are non-refundable.
    6. To complete the adoption, the winners must pay the full adoption fee for the dog they choose. This is in addition to the cost of their raffle ticket entry and any additional raffle tickets purchased.
      1. Each dog has an adoption fee of $550 which includes their spay/neuter surgery fees, their vaccinations and preventative care, their microchip, as well as its registration, a free bag of starter food and two offers of pet insurance.
    7. Ticketing is open from Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 12pm CST until Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 12pm CST.
    8. Participants must provide a valid address, email address, and phone number when purchasing a raffle ticket(s).
    9. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  1. Adoption Process:
    1. Following the drawing, our shelter staff will contact the winners to inform them of their appointment times.
      1. Meet ‘n greets will be scheduled in the order in which they were drawn. For example, the first individual whose name is drawn will get the first pick of the basket, the second individual will get second choice, etc.
      2. If you are unable to make the appointment time assigned to you, we will reschedule with a new appointment time. However, you will forfeit your place in line, and the other appointments after yours will take place as scheduled. 
      3. We will not hold specific dogs for particular appointments or for rescheduled appointments.
      4. In the event you are unable to make your rescheduled adoption appointment, you forfeit your adoption appointment altogether, and the individual drawn as the runner up will be contacted to schedule a new adoption appointment.
      5. If you are a raffle winner and your adoption application is denied for any reason, the cost of your raffle tickets will be refunded to you.
    2. On Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 2pm CST, we will announce the winners on a Facebook live video.
      1. will select the winners and provide to PRCSPCA to schedule the adoption appointments.
      2. In the event a winner is not eligible/able to participate or opts to forfeit their scheduled adoption appointment, a runner up will also be chosen.
    3. Meet ‘n Greet appointments will be as follows: (winners will only be allowed to visit dogs from their baskets)
      1. First place winner will meet Friday, April 22nd at 11am. 
      2. Second place winners will meet Friday, April 22nd at noon.
      3. Third place winners will meet Friday, April 22nd at 1pm.
      4. Fourth place winner will meet Friday, April 22nd at 2pm.
      5. Fifth place winner will meet Saturday, April 23rd at 11am.
      6. Sixth place winners will meet Saturday, April 24th at noon.
      7. Seventh place winners will meet Saturday, April 24th at 1pm

If you are experiencing technical issues or have a question regarding the raffle, please contact Please do not contact our office directly about adopting these dogs. We do not currently have the manpower available to accommodate the influx of calls highly desirable dogs inevitably generate. For the chance to adopt one of these dogs, individuals MUST enter the raffle event. Thank you for participating and helping us save more lives than ever before!


Each dog has an adoption fee of $550. For more information on the specific pets in each basket, please view the images below. For more information on our adoption fees, please visit Adoption Fee Structure


Big Red: 7 yrs Big Red always has a big smile on her face! She doesn’t let her injured leg slow her down. 

 She will remain in the cast for the next two weeks, to allow the Achilles tendon more time to heal.

Cinnabon: 5 yrs This sweet lady loves to give kisses and curl up in laps.

Diamond: 6 yrs Diamond is a very energic pup who loves to bounce around and show off her dance moves.

Fancy: 4.5 yrs Fancy is a lap loving sweetheart.  It may take a few extra minutes to warm up and begin and snuggle but once she does your lap is the only place she wants to be.

Momma Snowy: 6 yrs This laid-back momma is super calm and loves to do her own thing.

Princess: 6.5 yrs Little Princess’ wants to be crowned as the love of your life and rule her kingdom from the throne of your lap.

Red Man: 3 yrs This mature young man is very friendly and playful.

Basket # 1 Adult Pomeranians

Mercedes: 2.5 yrs Mercedes is a super friendly little pup who loves to play with her toys.  She never misses an opportunity to give love and kisses.
Precious: 10 months Precious is a dancer who loves to play with her toys and giving kisses.
Snow Princess: 1 year This silly little lady loves to sleep in the oddest of places.  Her current favorite is her food bowl!
Springs: 8 months This lady’s man will sneak his way into your heart, lap, and maybe even your bed!
Susie Q: 8 months Ms. Susie wants nothing more than to be held and cuddled all day.

Basket # 2 Young Pomeranians     

Baby: 1.5 years Baby is a quiet, thoughtful lady who, once she gets to know you, will cover you with endless kisses.
Buddy: 14 months This tiny little man has a personality ten times the size of his body.
Dutchess: 11 months Dutchess is a friendly little spitfire who loves everyone she meets.
Goldie: 13 months This gorgeous lady wants nothing more than to play with her toys and find a lap to curl up in.
Jennie: 2 years This sweet young lady loves everyone and everything, especially giving kisses and eating treats.
Reese:  14 months This little lady LOVES her treats!
Sadie: 11 months This lovely lady has lots of personality and loves nothing more than to play all day!
Basket # 3 Yorkies
Fluffy: 10 months Fluffy has lots of energy to share, she loves to go for walks and play with other dogs.
John Henry: 4 years This handsome man just loves to sit in laps all day.
Callie: 2 years This energetic lady loves to go for walks and run and play.
Sally: 2 years This lovely lady is a little reserved, but loves to go for walks.
Heidi: 2.5 years Heidi is a beautiful ball of energy. She will fit in beautifully with an active family who will give lots of play time.

Basket #4 Poodle/Doodle

June: 3 years This unique looking lady is looking for a quiet home where she can snuggle.
Misty: 4 years Misty is a shy lady who loves her roommates, she is a little timid at first introduction but is a lovebud.
Frankie: 8 months This wonderful little man is little on the shy side, he would be happiest in a quiet home with lots of love.
Zoie: 1.5 years Zoie is a sweat young lady who wants nothing more than to spend her days cuddling in your lap.

Basket # 5 Other Breeds

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